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My creative method begins with the experience of an interaction with my surroundings that generates the ideas that are the start of my process. I work in a variety of media and within each my goal is always to recapture form in some way. In my photographs I like to capture a moment in time articulated by the architecture of space using shapes, reflections, colors, textures. When I start a drawing the lines forge and define a depth of field through shapes formed by light and shadows. Weaving and collage allow me to incorporate found objects or forgotten industrial parts that exist outside any context. Their concealed beauty is further revealed through hints of their origins and abandonment. Incorporating them into my work without any historical framework creates a space influenced by the color of light, texture, or even smell, which may be either familiar or uncomfortable.

The creative decisions I make for any medium are driven by the weight of the materials, lines, colors, light and shadow. It is through assembling and reassembling parts that I can find a successful balance and suggest a sense of place. Tactility serves as a starting point for how the specific elements of any medium I work in relate to the concept and function of a piece. It is the process of making that allows me to trust my creative intuition.

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